Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why I Believe in the Supernatural #15

My Mom
By Karen Lockinger Greenberg

      My belief in the spiritual world, and its power over those of us on Earth, was cemented during an event in my teenage years. My mom and I had been fighting, and there never seemed to be a time in which we were at peace. I wanted the fighting to stop, and I’m sure she did, too.

     One night I went to bed, having had a long day of teenage moodiness and arguments with my parents. Sometime in the middle of the night, my mom appeared in my bedroom. She was standing at the end of my bed, not saying a word. The air around us was different, in a way that I can’t quite describe. It seemed almost smoky in my bedroom, and it was hard to see clearly.

     For several minutes my mom stood at the foot of my bed. She looked at me, and I could feel the love she held for me. She never said a word. Curiously, neither did I. Mom eventually left my bedroom and walked into her own. I put my head on my pillow, closed my eyes, and slept more deeply than I had in weeks. The next morning I woke up with a smile on my face rather than the usual scowl everyone had become accustomed to.

     Mom and I never talked about her visit to my room, and for a short time our relationship was better. Her visit didn‘t change everything, but a simple smile can mean the difference between acceptance and rejection. A loving gaze can mean the world to a girl just looking to fit in.

     Several weeks later I was reading a book about spirits, and it dawned on me that the visit from my mom wasn’t one that occurred in the natural world. This was a special visit. Her soul communicated with mine in a way I would never forget. The book explained that sometimes when something needs to be said it can’t always be vocalized. The soul, however, can’t let it go unsaid if it is that important. I will never forget the night that my mom told me, heart to heart, that I WAS worth all the trouble we were going through and that I will always be loved.

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