Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why I believe in the Supernatural #13

By Josie Siler

I have been overseas several times and I have experienced the spiritual realm in different ways. However, one of the most memorable experiences did not take place overseas, but in the state of Iowa. I had just graduated from college and moved into an apartment with a friend. Our place was on the upper level of a house with tenants below us and next to us.

At first it was great. We loved having our own place without all the rules of a dorm room. However, we soon began to have trouble sleeping and had bad dreams. I remember one night in particular my roommate was in the living room watching yet another movie because she couldn’t sleep. I was awake and restless. All of a sudden it felt as if I was being strangled – yet no one was in the room. I knew immediately that it was a spiritual attack and if I said the name of Jesus I would be okay. I tried to speak, but no words would come. It felt as though my jaw had been wired shut. I was filled with the fear that I wouldn’t be able to speak Jesus’ name and that the attack would continue. I prayed silently and was able to just breathe the name of Jesus. Immediately it was gone and I could breathe.

The next day I told my roommate what had happened and we went to my friend’s dad who was a pastor. We knew we needed to pray more than what we did when we first moved in. We prayed a prayer of protection over each and every room in our tiny little apartment. We never again felt the presence of evil and we could again sleep sweetly.

Several years after I had moved out of that apartment my dad told me a story. He said that when he went back up to make sure we didn’t forget anything as he was helping me move, he saw three demons laughing and going back into the apartment. They said, “Ha ha, we got it back!” It seems like a story that would take place in a third world country, but it happened right here in the USA. It is a story of God’s power over the evil one. Light does indeed overcome and overpower the darkness!

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