Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why I believe in the Supernatural #12

By: Judy Anne Casey


As a child from a big family I always loved answering the phone. This helped Mom and Dad and was fun for me. However, I never dreamed that the phone ringing would bring things into my mind even before I picked it up. Things that were usually very scary and always concerned my oldest brother, Chuck.

The first time this happened I was eight years old. The phone rang on a Saturday evening that was Prom night at our High School. I jumped up to answer it. Immediately I saw Chuck in his white jacket with red blood all over the front of it and lots more blood covering his face. I stagered, started sweating and pick up the phone. Yes, it was my brother calling Mom and Dad from the city Hospital. There had been a bad crash and he and his girl friend were hurt, the car was totally ruined but both of the kids survived. It scared me so much that I never told Mom and Dad. I thought there was something wrong with me but I didn't know how to deal with it at eight years old.

Ignoring this issue seemed ok until two years later when Chuck was in the Military on an out of State trip. He was due to arrive back to the Chicago airport very soon. Dad had already left to pick him up when the phone rang. I got up to answer the phone. Immediately in my mind I saw the plane flying around in a big circle above the airport. This time it was not Chuck calling but someone at the airport wanted the family to know that the plane could not land in Chicago due to a bad snow & ice storm. The plane had been flying in circles waiting to land and was running out of gas so it was sent to Indiana to land and the passengers were coming back to Illinois by bus. This scared me again and made me start thinking that whenever Chuck died I would know immediately. He and I could communicate by thought.

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