Monday, August 16, 2010

Why I Believe in the Supernatural #14

By Matthew Eldridge

THE CHRISTMAS ANGEL (This really happened to me!) (396 Words!)

My wife and I were waiting at the light on the very busy three lane road. We both looked to the right of us and had a good laugh. There was a tiny gold car with a huge Christmas tree atop of it. The driver was an overweight woman who was too large for the small car. It was just odd and stuck out to us.

As the light turned green, I punched the gas and left the tiny, gold, Christmas tree toting car in the dust. We were alone as we swerved through the “S” shape of the road around 60 mph.

I looked down for a second, and when I looked up, I saw brake lights tapping right in front of me in a rapid motion, forcing me to slam on the brakes, while swerving around a blind corner. Strangely, it was the tiny gold car again. Finally, the driver forced us to a stop, and what I saw blew my mind.

Just around the last curve was a car that had flipped several times, upside down, and taking up the two right lanes. In the third lane was a body of a young man badly injured - who had been thrown from his car. Had not the woman in the gold car mystically appeared and forced us to slow down, I would have either hit the man’s car, or more than likely, swerved to miss the car and run over him.

The woman got out of her car and walked over to the young man and began ministering to him. Within seconds, emergency vehicles swarmed the scene, all three cars blocked in from the front, back, and sides by medical vehicles. While a helicopter came and took the young man away, police officers came to my wife and I to get a report. I was going to refer him to the woman in the gold car, and as I looked up, THERE WAS NO GOLD CAR. I asked the police officer about it and he kept responding that there was no other car, and they never saw the woman I described. She had vanished into thin air.

It occurred to us that this woman not only saved us from a nasty accident, but she saved the life of that man. Only, she didn’t really exist.

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