Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why I believe in the Supernatural #7

Amber McCallister

My story:

When I was a young girl, I used to get sick a lot with head colds that would go to a sore throat and eventually into an earache. This cycle happened a lot to the point where I lost hearing in my right ear. My parents thought I was being silly and making it up, but they soon found out that it was true. They took me to a hearing specialist, who told them that what I was telling them was true. One night when one of my earaches had gotten especially bad, my parents were watching the 700 Club on TV that evening. I had already went to bed when Pat Robertson had a work of knowledge that a little girl, who was having a lot of earaches was being touched by God, and my parents claimed that for me. The next my parents knew, I was coming into the living room crying because my ear had "leaked" down my neck and onto my bed sheets. I also said that the pain in my ear was gone, and I felt better. After my parents cleaned me up, I went back to bed.

The next morning, they took me to the ear specialist, and he confirmed what my dad guessed had happened. My eardrum had ruptured that night. Everything that had been building up and was making my ear hurt was now gone. This didn't amaze him in itself. What he said next amazed everyone in the room. He asked my dad if he had given me any of the medication that he had prescribed if my cold and earache had gotten any better. My dad said no because I hadn't gotten any better since he gave us the prescription. The next words out of his mouth were "God is good". He said after my eardrum ruptured, I should have been deaf in that ear, but instead a thin film had grown over my ear drum. The doctor was astounded, and so were my parents.

From this miracle, I am able to hear in my right ear today. My dad has no doubts that this was from God, and he gave Him the glory for this miracle. I praise Him everyday for it. I know what He is capable of doing, and I thank Him for the everyday miracles that I see throughout my life as well.

For her birthday this year, Erin asked readers to send her their personal tales of why they believe in a supernatural world. A couple times a week, some of those submissions will appear here as a series. All stories appear with the author’s permission. We encourage you to comment on the stories and to continue sharing your own! Stories can be posted on Erin’s Facebook Fan Page or as comments on her Blog. Join the discussion!

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