Monday, July 19, 2010

Why I believe in the Supernatural #6

Keeping an Ear to the Ceiling
By Mike Duran

I’m an ordained Protestant minister and, for eleven years, served full-time in the pastorate. During that time, I encountered many strange and wonderful things – things that no amount of training, explaining, or theological juggling could prepare me for. Like the time a young couple approached me after church and confessed they had a ghost on their ceiling.

My first reaction – as I think most church-goers’ would be – was one of skepticism. However, there was one thing that kept me from blowing them off: they seemed totally normal and utterly sincere! Which presented a problem. How exactly does one deal with a ghost. . . or, at least, people who supposedly saw one? Especially when they claim to be believers?

After spending enough time with the couple to know they weren’t pranksters, devil worshipers or bloomin’ mad, I went to the house. It sat on a large piece of property in the middle of a grove of gnarled olive trees. A normal house, by all appearance: no black cats or levitating beds. But old. They led me the room in question. It was partly below ground, like a cellar, which probably had to do with the slight temperature drop, and had a single window that, according to them, was one day entirely covered by horseflies. In this room, on several occasions, they had seen an apparition — a woman in a gown hovering on the ceiling, staring down at their bed. I glanced at that ceiling and gripped my Bible as if it were a life preserver, but the mystery girl did not materialize.

What happened? Nothing.

Like a good pastor, I grilled the couple as to whether or not they were doing something that might invite evil: holding séances, consulting Ouija boards, or distilling moonshine. I quizzed them about the history of the house. Had anyone died there or been murdered? When all the answers came back negative, I walked through each room with the couple, quietly praying and asking God to banish whatever entities might be lingering.

For whatever reasons, the couple reported that after that event, the visitations ceased. I’m not sure I can claim any special powers, nor am I any closer to explaining exactly what was occurring. Nevertheless, reports like that have forced me to embrace a more supernatural worldview and keep an ear to the ceiling.

For her birthday this year, Erin asked readers to send her their personal tales of why they believe in a supernatural world. A couple times a week, some of those submissions will appear here as a series. All stories appear with the author’s permission. We encourage you to comment on the stories and to continue sharing your own! Stories can be posted on Erin’s Facebook Fan Page or as comments on her Blog. Join the discussion!


Charmaine Clancy said...

There's some great stories here, just came across your author site - love your covers enough to want to read the books without even knowing more! Now off to pick which one I'll start with :-)

Wagging Tales

Erin Healy said...

That's great, Charmaine! I hope you enjoy the books ... they're all unique. Never Let You Go is my first "solo" novel. Kiss and Burn were co-authored with Ted Dekker--you might know his work. My fourth book, The Promises She Keeps, comes out in January. I'll post updates here and on my Facebook page. Thanks for dropping by!