Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why I believe in the Supernatural #2

Story by Caitlyn Lutz
The past few years God has been taking me on a journey to discover what he can do when his children seek his face and dare to believe that they will do "greater things." (John 14:12) I've seen dozens of healings and hundreds of prophecies, all pointing toward the indisputable fact that God is alive and loves to touch people. I haven't seen a resurrection yet, but I've heard plenty of stories and I pray to see one soon.

One of the most amazing things I saw happened at a multichurch youth gathering a couple of years ago. The speaker, Chad, called for someone with chronic back pain to go forward, so Robin, one of my church's youth leaders, went towards the stage. A few kids, ages nine to twelve, laid hands on her and began praying for healing while Chad continued preaching. He told the story of a woman who had one leg shorter than the other, and immediately after prayer the leg grew out.

When Chad asked Robin a few minutes later how her back was doing, she responded, "It's all healed now...but you know, one of my legs is shorter than the other!" Chad laughed and said to the crowd, "Gather round if you want to see a leg grow out!" I bounded out of my seat and was at the front of the crowd that pressed around Robin. Chad asked her to sit on the edge of the stage and extend both legs. We could clearly see that the right leg was several inches shorter than the left.

Chad's prayer was short and powerful: "In the name of Jesus we command this leg to grow out!" Right in front of my eyes Robin's right leg grew out-several inches longer than the other! We all laughed in delight. Jesus was playing with us! Chad said, "I guess we prayed a little too the name of Jesus we command this leg to go back!" and it immediately retracted until it was lined up perfectly with the other.

Robin stood up and tested it, than began to cry. For the first time in years she could stand perfectly balanced on both feet.

All glory to God, who loves his children enough to heal them-and play with them!

For her birthday this year, Erin asked readers to send her their personal tales of why they believe in a supernatural world. A couple times a week, some of those submissions will appear here as a series. All stories appear with the author’s permission. We encourage you to comment on the stories and to continue sharing your own! Stories can be posted on Erin’s Facebook Fan Page or as comments on her Blog. Join the discussion!

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