Tuesday, May 17, 2011

To Resolve, or Not to Resolve?

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Resolved stories are satisfying stories. That is, the probing questions “What does that mean?” and “Why does it matter?” have answers. But in Brant Hansen’s April 28 blog entry “Unresolved Chicken Soup for the Soul,” (follow the link and scroll down) he explores a painful real-life problem: “We don’t live in resolution time.” In light of this truth, does resolution in storytelling frustrate or inspire you? Read the blog here


Melissa said...

I like story endings that don't necessarily wrap up everything with a tidy little bow, but instead leave the reader open to imagining what might happen to those characters as they go on with their lives.

Erin Healy said...

I'm with you, Melissa. It's a good challenge to find just the right balance. BTW, thank you so much for your kind words about The Promises She Keeps on my FB page. Best of wishes to you in your own writing endeavors.