Thursday, May 12, 2011

Storytellers Are the New Black

"Storyteller" is the latest buzzword not just in creative industries but in corporate environments. Last week blogger Dawn Marinacci wrote:

"The value of good storytelling can’t really be measured in hard numbers (maybe that’s why some marketers don’t always consider it an essential component of their “arsenal”), but the impact of a good storyteller is immeasurable in my opinion. Companies/marketers who don’t position a storyteller as its brand champion are passing on the secret sauce because it’s not just about the story, but also how the story is told that matters. It’s the emotional connection the storyteller creates with the audience by using their natural ability to deliver a compelling message that not only resonates but inspires."

In her blog, Marinacci outlines the quintessential qualities of top storytellers in any field. The same week, novelist and consultant Justina Chen (via Russell Working) offered "Seven Secrets of Successful Storytelling" in a corporate context.

Both women note that the key to effective storytelling comes from the heart, which might explain why Hallmark commercials make me teary. My hat's off to good storytellers of all kinds, wherever your stories are told.

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