Monday, September 6, 2010

Why I believe in the Supernatural #19

By Pamela

In 1984 Amy Grant's "Angels (Watching Over Me)" was a popular song on the Christian airwaves - possibly because it struck a note with so many people who had experienced unexplained near misses in their lives.

Later, after the collapse of the World Trade Center towers, I heard numerous tales of people who normally would have been there but because of heavy traffic, oversleeping, or other delays, they escaped death on September 11. In my own life, I couldn't begin to enumerate the near misses my family or I have had over the years. Were angels watching over us? I would like to think so.

Several years ago on an evening in the late fall, my two children and I were driving down the highway at the fifty-five mph speed limit on our way to choir practice and children's activities at our church. Suddenly I heard a distinct voice in my head that told me to move to the left lane. There was no other traffic nearby so I mentally argued with the voice at the same time I obeyed it. About that time I noticed an eighteen wheeler parked parallel to the edge of the highway. As I drew close to the truck, the driver stepped out the door, missed the step and fell backwards into the highway - right where I would have driven if I had not changed lanes. As I passed, I saw him get up and walk away so I didn't stop. I have always regretted that because it might have been an opportunity to witness to the man.

I don't know what might have happened if I hadn't changed lanes. I probably would have run over the truck driver or lost control of my small car. Were angels watching over the truck driver, my children and me that night? Was the voice I heard the Holy Spirit? I will always believe it was. I know I will never forget the experience.

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CelticLady said...

I often would get "feelings" that something was not right. Years back my husband was deeply involved in the Boy Scouts and one winter there was a meeting an hour away. It was snowing a lot and I just got this feeling that if he went something would go wrong. He stayed home because I was so adamant.
My oldest daughter and I have a bond that is very strong. She is a very sensitive young lady and she would get upset easy. She went away to college and I would get these feelings and be anxious at times. Then I would come to find that when I would get these feelings it was always something to do with her. If she was upset I knew right away. It was never anything serious but I always knew. I have three other children but I don't get those feelings with them.
I totally believe in the supernatural and who are we to say that it does not exist?