Friday, September 10, 2010

Why I Believe in the Supernatural #20

by Michael Register

One Sunday morning in church, during worship, the presence of God was very strong and I had the urge to kneel before him. It wasn't uncommon for me to do this, and it wasn't out of place at all. I was about to kneel when very clearly I heard, "wait".

Puzzled, I began to speak to God in my mind, "Is this You? Why would I wait?" Silence.

I began to think, "I can't kneel right now so I'll raise my arms. As I began to lift my arms into the air again I heard, "wait".

Nothing like this had happened before so I decided to wait, albeit a little frustrated.

Just then my eleven year old son dropped to his knees beside me. He raised his arms into the air and I could see his eyes were closed. I couldn't help but cry. My little boy was following the leading of God on his own.

He later told me that in those fateful minutes he had felt like God wanted him to kneel but was scared. Normally he would join me in whatever I was doing, kneeling or raising my arms, but I wasn't doing anything. Several minutes passed before he was able to get up the nerve to do it, since I wasn't doing it. Once he heard my side of the story he knew it really was God speaking to him, while asking me to wait.

God gave an eleven year old a sign post that day. Something he could look back to and say "I followed my God, I can hear His voice and I was obedient. I can do it again."

For her birthday this year, Erin asked readers to send her their personal tales of why they believe in a supernatural world. A couple times a week, some of those submissions will appear here as a series. All stories appear with the author’s permission. We encourage you to comment on the stories and to continue sharing your own! Stories can be posted on Erin’s Facebook Fan Page or as comments on her Blog. Join the discussion!

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