Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pick the KISS Movie Cast

When Ted and I were writing KISS, we had certain images of our characters in mind. And even though the book touches on descriptions of each of them--for example: Shauna is part Guatemalan, Wayne is an athlete, Landon is a Texas-weathered Irishman--we had some surprise while on tour last weekend, when we discovered that our visions of these people were unique. "My" Wayne Spade (who looked a lot like someone we had breakfast with, who in turn looked a little bit like Lance Armstrong), was not the man Ted had in mind. (You'll have to ask him for details.)

As it turns out, there's a terrific Web site out there where everyone can express their own visions of the characters, at least in a Hollywood context. Storycasting dot com gives readers a chance to cast movie versions of their favorite books. So if you're just certain of who should play Shauna, Miguel, Wayne, Trent, Landon, or anyone else, have fun going here to assemble your own star cast, or to cast a vote on someone else's:


Who knows? Maybe KISS will be on the big screen one of these days after all--and maybe some director will think a bit like you.

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