Saturday, January 10, 2009

How to contact me

Okay, so I'm new enough to the whole blogosphere/social-networking/virtual-connections world that I'm a little bowled over by this brave new world. In a matter of days I'll probably be wondering why it took me so long to join it; in the meantime, I've got some learning to do, and more e-mail address than I've ever managed before. So here's the best way to reach me:

For interview requests, please contact Christina Garvin at The Media Collective: christina at themcollective dot com

For matters that aren't interview or blog related, you can reach me through the contact page of my Web site:, or e-mail me at erin at erinhealy dot com.

Thanks! It's a treat to be hearing from so many people.

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Colleen Coble said...

Your website is awesome, Erin! And love the new pics!