Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why I Write

Last week the National Writing Project celebrated the National Day on Writing, inviting writers around the country to blog, tweet, and pontificate on the reasons why they write. True to form I’m running about a week behind. Here are the top reasons why I write:
Christa Richert, Writing Mosaic
  1. It’s what I can do. I have a skill and I can’t imagine not using it, improving it. I like to think of God’s gifts to us as superpowers. Some people cook, some build, some lead, some teach. I write. What’s your superpower?
  2. It’s hard work that brings me joy. I always say that it’s not the writing I like so much as the finished product, the accomplishment of a job well done. I hope it also brings readers joy. What work do you do that brings joy to you?
  3. It’s how I put my beliefs on display. Writing is one way I work out my ideas, questions, doubts, and confidence about God’s work in this world he created. It’s my witness, and I hope it’s a witness that invites public discussion. How do you “talk” about your faith?
  4. Good stories inspire people to thoughtful living. I hope to write stories that fall into that category. It’s a worthy goal. What life goals do you have?

Maybe you don’t write, but you do something else that is just right for the person God made you to be. I hope you find it, love it, and do it with your whole heart.


Nellie Dee said...

I write because I love to write. In fact, like Moses, I pray that God would be with my words and thoughts, blessing them and using them for His glory. (Exodus 4)
Like Moses, I am not eloquent, but unlike Moses, I smile because I know that God loves to use the simple and the weak to profound the wise. He is able to use my words and teach me what to write.
Thus I keep writing for Him.

Erin Healy said...

Amen to that truth, Nellie. Thank you for honoring God with the gifts He's given to you.