Monday, March 15, 2010

Believing Impossible Things

As for believing "six impossible things before breakfast," it does make a difference who's doing the believing, don't you think? It was not Alice's father (per Tim Burton's film), nor Alice, nor (by some accounts) the Red Queen, but the White Queen who first "practiced" such believing.

Some impossible things I believe:

1. Jesus Christ rose from the dead.
2. God loves me. And you.
3. People can change for the better.
4. Forgiveness is the best option.
5. This world isn't ALL of reality.
6. Hope will not disappoint us (Romans 5:1-5).
What impossible things do you believe?


Elisabeth Hendricks said...

I believe God can give a "barren" woman two beautiful sons.

Steena Holmes said...

Good post!

I believe God will always provide, even when the last second has past and I can't see how - I know He's the God of miracles and will.

I believe in forgiveness that is all encompassing.

I believe I will grow into the plan God has for me - even if I don't like it (right now).

I believe that one day chocolate will not add pounds to my body but will help to erase pounds.

Now just don't ask me to put those in order ;)

Kathy at Sumballo said...

I love your list, Erin. Hard to follow those.

I believe that God sets captives free and cleanses the stains of our life.

I believe we are privileged to suffer as Christ did and that this is a gift from God.

I believe God brings abundance out of wilderness.

Thanks for the prompt to think about impossibilities!

Erin Healy said...

"I believe we are privileged to suffer as Christ did and that this is a gift from God."

That is profound, Kathy. Some of the things I believe get stuck on an intellectual plane. Here's to moving them into our hearts.